Compassionate Recovery Skills Trainings

In Compassionate Recovery, we operate on the premise that we can learn new skills that can be applied to our recovery. Trainings are available on different levels. The first level is for anyone who wants to learn about Compassionate Recovery and how to practice for long-term wellness. 

Then we have skills trainings for Peer Facilitators. Remember, a Peer Facilitator is not a guru, teacher or therapist but is just a guide to hold space for the meeting. This is like a meeting leader\secretary in 12-Step, but with a little more training. 

The next level will be for clinicians and facilities. Those trainings will be available in 2019 on different platforms. Make sure you sign up with your email to get announcements on those as well as early bird discounts. 

Access Compassionate Recovery Training.

You will need to sign up with a Moodle account. New members will be automatically registered in the Getting Started with Compassionate Recovery Course. Remember to use the group forums for questions and comments. Since this is new, all feedback is welcome. There is an FAQ as well in the Announcements section. 

May we all be free of suffering and find peace.