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I’m seeking input and collaboration from clinicians, researchers and other interested parties for a new recovery program for addictions.

My name is Darren Littlejohn. I’m the author of seven books on Buddhism, yoga, addiction and recovery. My next book, Compassionate Recovery (CR) follows on the footsteps of my bestseller THE TWELVE STEP BUDDHIST: Enhance recovery from any addiction (Beyond Words\Atria\Simon & Schuster 2009), and the soon to be released 10th Anniversary Edition, also from Beyond Words\Atria\Simon & Schuster.

Compassionate Recovery has the potential to be a movement that will change lives worldwide and for the long term. Though I’ve tasked myself with writing the book, this is a very ambitious idea that needs the support of the professional and spiritual communities such as yours. To do it right, we need to utilize all of the known body of spiritual, esoteric, practical and scientific knowledge that we have available to us. CR is focused on shifting addiction recovery modalities from a limited focus to a universal, holistic approach grounded in compassion.

I want to learn everything I can from the treatment and recovering communities that will enhance the Compassionate Recovery Project, and share with you the holistic program based in compassion that I am developing. Your feedback on this program will be invaluable.

If you would like to speak with me further, please respond with some days and times that would for you and I’d be happy to hop on a call with you at your convenience.


Darren Littlejohn

To get involved by submitting content, ideas and suggestions, send me an email at or click here.

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